Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Woman Who Campaigns by the Strand

See Marie run ...

The candidate at her headquarters next to the Strand Theater, Uphams Corner, Dorchester

Incumbant State Representative Marie St. Fleur
is running for re-election. Her 15 minutes of mainstream media fame was her success in bringing the Democratic Convention to Boston. As for the "free speach zone," I'm blaming that on Governor Romney and the Department of Homeland Security. The choice of candidate? The DLC. Marie is generally progressive with strong labor support. And she has a blog!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Here's Maura...



...showing her support for labor during the Nstar strike.

As for Tom Menino on labor, I'll let this record from the database of the Office of Campaign Finance speak for itself:

Date Name Address Amount Occupation Employer To
05/23/2005 May, Thomas 22 Longmeadow Dr. Westwood, MA 02090 $500.00 Chairman, President & CEO NStar Menino, Thomas M.

Yep. At the height of the strike with a rally at the Pru.

....speaking out [at the Harriet Tubman House] against the construction of a level 4 Biolab in Roxbury

... showing her concern for all the citizens of Dorchester.

Maura Hennigan for Mayor!